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Hand Weavers Guild of America

The Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln is proud to be a member guild of the Hand Weavers Guild of America. Click here to access their site.

Guild Rewards

Guild members who shop at these stores will earn a 5% rebate for HWGL on your purchases by accessing their store via these links:

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HWGL YouTube Channel

Coming soon! This will include videos made by our members, as well as others that we think you may find helpful. These videos should be helpful for common weaving issues:

Problem or Issue


Selvages are drawing in

Weaving with a Temple (7:19)

Fixing a Broken Warp Thread

Fixing a Broken Thread (3:10)

A warp thread is on the wrong harness. Need to move the warp thread to a different harness WITHOUT rethreading.

Weaving Basics: Making a Repair Heddle (5:51)


How to make uniform thread heddles

How to Use a Heddle Jig (2:44)